For these reasons, start writing down what you dream of at night.

For these reasons, start writing down what you dream of at night



For these reasons, start writing down what you dream of at night.
For these reasons, start writing down what you dream of at night










A sleeping mind is more like a private theater, where you are the director and usually the star, and there is no ceiling on the production budget.


Some dreams can be boring, those that are usually related to work, but many of them are entertaining, decisive and sometimes problem-solving, which is why it’s worth considering dedicating a journal to your dream diaries.


The first potential benefit of writing a dream diary is that it can lead to a creative achievement, as your mind, which dreams in the subconscious, is inherently more creative.


In dreams, we have the ability to cross times, transcend the boundaries of logic, accept contradictions, and sometimes these dreams have no meaning whatsoever for our traditional conscious mind.


William Dement, founder of the Center for Sleep Research at Stanford University, believes that dreams give each of us a safe and quiet space to unleash our madness every night of our lives.


There are many tales of creative and innovative people who have found inspiration in their dreams.


The idea for the futuristic thriller The Terminator, by Canadian director James Cameron, came to mind by seeing a dream of a robot crawling behind a woman.


American computer scientist Larry Page dreamed of downloading the entire Internet and indexing links only before doing so with Google, which he co-founded.


In past centuries, people believed that dreams are letters from the dead containing clues to what the living should do.


The ancient Egyptians believed that the gods sent them messages through dreams, which they called « omina, » the origin of the word « omen » in English, which means omen.


Today’s main religious beliefs contain stories in their sacred texts, which dream represents important mysteries whose meanings must be determined.


A more contemporary theory of what makes us dream is that dreams help sort, regulate, and process all the stimuli from waking life.


Sometimes, you can solve a problem that you face with your waking life during your dream. 


Dream solutions have the advantage that they are not constrained by the limits of time, logic, space or other real-world rules, » writes Dr. Alan Peterkin, a professor of psychiatry and family medicine at the University of Toronto in Canada.


There are historical examples of dreams to solve problems, for example, Albert Einstein traces the roots of his theory of relativity to a teenage dream about traveling at the speed of light.


Sigmund Freud, who wrote the first scientific paper on dream interpretation, believed that the latter primarily reveals embarrassing secrets and moments from our past.


But Carl Jung, Freud’s disciple who became his rival, believed that dreams contained clues from our unconscious lives to help us find happiness and solve problems.


Another theory is that dreams are more like a dressing room for real life, and a way to safely test alternatives. This seems to be a possible explanation for nightmares.


Peterkin explained that frightening dreams arise in the amygdala, where intense negative emotions such as anger and fear are based.


Nightmares can be helpful, according to researchers, because they may help train your brain to prepare for the challenges and fears of your waking life.


Dreams are a window into the depths of your self, and by staring at a distorted mirror of reality, they change your point of view.


By writing down dreams and thinking about what you mean, you travel along a « royal path, » which leads to the knowledge of your unconscious mind, Freud said.


Peterkin stated that trying to understand your dreams can become an important part of your understanding of yourself, your relationships, and your world, inside and out. »


Jeremy Taylor, author and former president of the International Society for the Study of Dreams, said : « No dream comes to tell us just what we already know. It challenges us to think outside the box. »


Another benefit of recounting and recording your dreams is simply to escape.


And who among us does not need a vacation from life from time to time ? In your dreams you can visit the past or future, go anywhere in the world or out of it, and travel there by plane or without it.


As Gibran Khalil Gibran said in a more poetic way, « Let us succumb to sleep and perhaps the beautiful bride of dreams will carry our souls into a cleaner world than this. »


The word dream comes from the Old English word which means « joy, noise, or music », and there is fun recording music.


Peterkin stated that dreams can be « a great model of virtual reality for the world, and it is updated with wonderful new content several times every night. »


The next time you remember a dream, even if in a blurry form, write it down, and the more you get used to recording your dreams, the better your memory becomes.


Always remember to interpret the dream through your personal experience, for example, a dream interpretation book may indicate that a dog in a dream means loyalty, but if you’re afraid of dogs you’ve seen in your dream, it’s likely that they represent something else you’re actually afraid of.

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